Who We Are

The Round Rock Express enters its 18th season of professional baseball in Central Texas in 2017.

  • Play in the Pacific Coast League with 16 other teams across the country
  • 142-game schedule
  • 71 home games at Dell Diamond
  • Triple-A Affiliate of Texas Rangers

Ryan Sanders Baseball

The ownership group of the Round Rock Express includes: Nolan Ryan, Don Sanders, Reid Ryan, Reese Ryan, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Craig Biggio, and Jeff Kent

  • Awarded Businessesmen of the Year Award by Minor League News
  • Sports Q Scores cited that principal owner, Nolan Ryan, is the third most recognizable and well-liked athlete in all of sports

Dell Diamond

A state-of-the-art facility, Dell Diamond has been the home of the Round Rock Express since its inception in 2000. The stadium serves as a premier Central Texas destination and is constantly ranked among the top in Minor League Baseball. Dell Diamond is a true multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex, hosting Express games, concerts, expos and festivals, among other events.

Not Just Baseball

Dell Diamond is home to numerous events throughout the year.

  • More than one million people come to the ballpark annually
  • Multi-purpose complex
  • A place to meet, organize, and celebrate for businesses, charities, and private citizens
  • Exposure year-round for our partners

The Place To Be

Sports heroes, musicians, and celebrities frequently make stops at Dell Diamond. 

Where We Rank

#1 Minor League Baseball Town by smartasset

#1 Best City for Young Entrepreneurs by Small Business Trends

#1 Best City to Start a Small Business by American City Business Journal

#1 Fastest Growing City in America by Forbes

#2 Coolest Suburb in America by Thrillist

#3 Strongest Metro Economy by Bloomberg

#4 Best Affordable Places to Live by Livability.com

#5 Best City for Young Professionals by Forbes

#6 Most Educated Cities in America by ValuePenguin

#8 Best City for Living the American Dream by smartasset


The Round Rock Express is proud to be an exemplary community partner in Central Texas, and we are always looking for new opportunities to help an individual, a cause, those in need, or a nonprofit. The positive impact we are able to make on the local community would not be possible without our corporate partners. We are grateful to be able to use the platform of baseball to spread goodwill, and are even more grateful to all of those who support us in our mission.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The success of the Round Rock Express has opened the door for many national and regional companies to do business in the Round Rock community for the first time. Express sponsors range from Fortune 500 companies to local, family-run businesses.

ScoreBoard Signage

  • 10ft high x 20 ft wide
  • Static signage next to the HD video board $25,000 per season
  • 6 ft high x 20ft wide
  • Top signage just under the flags $15,000 per season

Outfield LED Signage

   Run In All 72 Games

  • 6ft high x 100 ft wide
  • Located in left and right field--you get both!
  • Message can be changed throughout the season $20,000 per season

   Run In 12 Games

  • 6 ft high x 100 ft wide
  • Located in left and right field--you get both!
  • Message can be changed throughout the season $6,000 per campaign

Auxiliary LED Board

Rotates every 90 seconds $5,000 per season

Home Run Porch Wall

  • 4 ft high x 25 ft wide
  • Viewed by majority of fans in the stadium for the entire game $10,000 per season

Infield Banner

  • 2 ft high x 10 ft wide
  • All eyes are on the infield for every pitch $5,000 per season

Roof Signage

  • 10 ft high x 17 ft wide
  • Be in the line of sight with every pop fly and foul ball
  • $12,000 per season

Marquee LED Advertisement

  • Located at the main entrance to the Dell Diamond
  • Premium HWY 79 visibility
  • Day and night visibility
  • 42,000 daily traffic count $10,000 per season

Centerfield Bullpen

  • 4 ft high x 20 ft wide
  • Viewed by a majory of fans in the stadium for the entire game
  • $5,000 per season

Auxiliary Scoreboard

  • 2 ft and 3 in high x 8 ft wide
  • Back-lit and bright
  • located in key line-of-sight areas $6,000 per season

Concourse Vinyl

  • 6 ft high x 8 ft wide
  • Get in front of your customers as they come and go from their seat
  • $9,000 per season

Picnic Area Naming Rights

  • Our picnic area is a prime area to reach families
  • Be part of a memorable experience $10,000 per season

Event Title Sponsorship

  • 100 Reserved Tickets
  • 150 Berm Tickets
  • Inclusion in all advertising of event Starting at $10,000

Examples of past events include: Pink in the Park, Post-Game Concerts, Military Appreciation, Independence Day

Parking Lot Pole

  • 3 ft high x 1 ft wide
  • 13 Light Pole Locations
  • Double Sided $10,000 per season (3 year minimum)

Wall Signage

  • Oversized all-weather banners
  • Multiple Locations $5,000 per season

Luxury Suite Ownership

  • True VIP experience for entertaining clients, family, and friends
  • Includes 12 tickets per game
  • Complimentary parking hang tags and books included
  • Exclusive use of your suite on a nightly basis plus access to the Intel Club $32,000 per season (Shares of suites may be available)


Entitlement $7,500


Caution Line

Permanent $10,000

Party Deck

Permanent $12,500

Party Porch

Entitlement $12,500


Entitlement $15,000

Press Box

Entitlement $20,000

Suite Level Scoreboard

Permanent 8.5'w x 2.5'h $6,000

Outfield Wall

Permanent 30'w x 7'h $30,000

Exterior Concourse

Vinyl, Permanent 8'w x 4'h $6,000

Interior Concourse

Vinyl, Permanent 8'w x 6'h $9,000

Concourse Banners

Permanent 24'w x 50'h $10,000

Dugout Tops

Permanent TBD $10,000

Dugout Walls

Permanent 40'w x 4'h $7,500

On-Deck Circles

Requires multi-year agreement. Permanent $5,000

Right Field Ballpark Entrance

Entitlement 16'w x 2'h $30,000

Foul Poles

Permanent 16'w x 30'h $7,500


Entitlement 20'w x 3'h $7,500

Entrance Information Boards

Back Lit. 16'w x 30'h $2,500

1st and 3rd Baseline Roof

Permanent 17'10"w x 10'h or 24'w x 10'h $12,000

Home Run Porch Roof

Permanent 17'10'w x 10'h or 23'w x 10'h $20,000

Customer Service

Entitlement $5,000

Dugout Camera Bays

Entitlement $5,000

Between Dugouts Infield Wall

Permanent 120"w x 22"h $4,000

Left Infield Wall

Permanent 120"w x 22"h $4,000

Right Infield Wall

Permanent 120"w x 22"h $4,000

Bullpen Wall Entrances

Permanent 20'w x 4'h $5,000

Bullpen Walls

Permanent 60'w x 5'h $5,000

Maintenance Shed

Permanent 26'w x 7'h $4,000

Fun Zone

Entitlement 10'w x 3'h $5,000

Batters Eye-Between Innings

Permanent 56'w x 11'2" $20,000


LED $10,000

Radar Board

LED 9'w x 9'h $10,000

Hanging W's

Permanent $10,000

Outfield Foul Territory

Permanent 29'w x 9'h $4,000


Permanent $10,000

Right Field Concession Primary

Permanent $10,000

Right Field Concession Secondary

Permanent $7,500

Suite Level

Entitlement $15,000

Club Naming Rights

Entitlement $30,000

VIP Entrance

Entitlement $10,000

Rock Wall

Permanent 5.5'w x 2.5'h $6,000


Permanent $5,000

In Game On Field/Video

  • Production, editing, revisions needed $10,000
  • In-game promotion on field with props $7,500

In Game Videoboard Only

In-game promotion; features pre-recorded video provided by client for live fan shots $5,000

Giveaway Nights

1000-2500 branded items distributed $12,000

In Game PA/Graphic

  • In-game promotion; PA & Graphic Only $3,500
  • Pre-game; PA, Graphic and/or video $2,500
  • PA tied to special event (Home Run, Call to the Bullpen, etc.) $1,500
  • PA/video that happens less than 10 times a season $1,000


Entitlement $10,000

Radio Advertising

  • Your spot airs the entire 144 Round Rock Express game schedule--both home and away games on ESPN Radio's The Horn
  • Play-by-play action brought to you by veteran announcer Mike Capps, named Broadcaster of the Year by Baseball Digest :30-second spot $2,500, Nightly Feature $2,500

Program Advertising Back Cover

  • Get your ad into the hands of every fan
  • Ad appears in our souvenir Program
  • We distribute 100,000 Programs per season
  • Back Cover 5.75" w x 8.75" h, full color advertisement $4,500

Program Advertising Full Page

5.75" w x 8.75" h, full color advertisement $3,500

Program Advertising Half Page

5" w x 3.875" h, full color advertisement $2,000

Program Advertising Inside Back

5.75" w x 8.75" h, full color advertisement $3,500

Program Advertising Inside Front

5.75" w x 8.75" h, full color advertisement $3,500

Ticket Backs

TBD: 500,000-600,000 printed $8,000

Pocket Schedules

  • English Language: 100,000 each sponsor (400,000 total) $4,000 -Spanish Language: 100,000 $4,000

Parking Pass

TBD: 86,000 Printed $4,000

Ticket Envelopes

TBD: 25,000 printed $1,000


:30 second spot (unlimited) $2,500 Entitlement $2,000


Several sizes and locations Prices vary

Testimonials Austaco/Taco Bell

Austaco/Taco Bell first began our partnership with the Round Rock Express in 2006. Over the years we have been so pleased to be associated with such a first class organization. Not only do they care about the players, fans and product inside the ballpark, but they care about Austaco as a partner. Always willing to implement new strategies that bring vlaue to our organization and drive business to Taco Bell; they show they want this to be a win-win relationship. We appreciate the ideas, execution and success of being partnered with the Round Rock Express. Caleb Stirling, Austaco/Taco Bell

Testimonials Allen Financial Services

Allen Financial Services has been involved with the Express since day one. By 2002, we began sponsoring Bullpen Buddies so that underprivileged children would have an opportunity to enjoy America's pastime; some, for the first time in their life. All of our family, friends, clients, and charitable beneficiaries know an experience at the ballpark is one of the best values in Central Texas. David C. Allen, Allen Financial Services

Testimonials Hilton Garden Inn, Round Rock

I want to thank you all for another awesome year of Express baseball and tell you how much we have enjoyed partnering with your organization over the years. Everyone we have every had contact with there has always been extremely courteous, loyal, and professional. You have a building full of "great people", and that's from the top down. Our affiliation with the Express benefits us in more ways than I can even begin to explain and I can't imagine Round Rock without the Express. I hope to continue our relationship for years to come. Thanks again for all you do for my business and our community. It is greatly appreciated. Robert Murdock, Hilton Garden Inn, Round Rock

Testimonials Learn More

We encourage potential sponsors to check out more reviews on our organization at Yelp.com (listings under both Round Rock Express and the Dell Diamond), or check out our Facebook pade (facebook.com/ExpressBaseball) for fan interactions and recommendations

4 Topps

  • Featuring 360-degree swivel chairs for easy in-easy out 
  • No climbing to get in and out of your seats
  • Avoid food in your lap with table for four
  • Perfect for business or social outings
  • Located at the top of Section 123


Table for 4 only $120

Luxury Suite

  • 20 game tickets for 20 guests
  • 10 parking passes
  • Air-conditioned suite located on the 1st base line
  • Food and beverage catering available
  • Exclusive use of the area for the entire game
  • In-game group recognition on video scoreboard


20 guests only $950

additional guests $25 each

Party Deck

  • Covered deck located on the suite level along the 1st base line
  • All inclusive buffet
  • Exclusive use of the area for entire game
  • In game group recognition on video scoreboard
  • 15 parking passes


$45 per person, minimum 30 people

additional guests $40 each

Party Porch

  • Shaded porch located on the suite level along the 3rd base line
  • All-inclusive buffet
  • Exclusive use of the area for entire game
  • In-game group recognition on video scoreboard
  • 20 parking passes


$45 per person, minimum 40 people

additonal guests $40 each 

Party Suite

  • Air-conditioned 1,800 sq. ft. room on 1st base side
  • All-inclusive buffet
  • Exclusive use of the area for entire game
  • In-game group recognition on video scoreboard
  • 30 parking passes


$45 per person, minimum 65 people

additional guests $40 each

Picnic Area

  • Picnic area with Rainbow Play Systems for the kids
  • All-inclusive buffet
  • Exclusive use ofthe area for entire game
  • In-game group recognition on video scoreboard
  • 15 parking passes


$45 per person, minimum 25 people

additional guests $40 each

Pool & Spa

  • Pool, hot tub and cabana located above right field berm
  • All-inclusive buffet
  • Exclusive use of the area for entire game
  • In-game group recognition on video scoreboard
  • 25 parking passes


$45 per person, minimum 50 people

additional guests $40 each

Premium Seating

  • Located directly behind homeplate in Section 119
  • Personal Tables at your side and drink rail in front
  • 22-inch cushioned seat with slatted back
  • Featuring full service wait staff
  • Perfect for businesss or social outings


Only $22.50 per game